Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment at this office is focused toward promoting your body's natural healing processes, not masking symptoms with medications. Dr. Parsons will be performing a comprehensive history and examination to determine if you can benefit from chiropractic treatment. If your condition requires another specialist or a surgeon, the doctor will assist you with a referral. Dr. Parsons is part of a consensus approach to treatment that includes the doctors of the Greater Baltimore Neurosurgical Associates as well as Pain Management Specialists.


What is a comprehensive examination?

The doctor will discuss your condition and elaborate on the questionnaire that you have completed. A physical examination is then performed which checks your overall health such as blood pressure, pulse, height and weight, as well as more specific inspection of your reflexes, posture, muscles and range of motion. The doctor will diagnose your condition, prescribe X-rays or an MRI if necessary and recommend a treatment approach.


What type of treatments are performed?

Depending on your condition many different types of therapy may be used to promote healing such as: moist heat or cold packs for circulation; electric stimulation to reduce pain, edema or muscle spasm; a form of traction to release restricted motion; deep massage to relax muscles; muscle stretching to release tension; and gentle spine mobilization to improve range of motion and reduce nerve irritation. Specific vitamins, supports, stretches or exercises may also be prescribed.


What kind of training do the doctors have?

Maryland chiropractors are required to have: a four year bachelors degree with specific credits in the sciences, a Doctorate of Chiropractic (4 years), and successful completion of national and state board certification. The 2,419 average hours of credits for a Doctorate of Chiropractic includes: the concentration of over 400 hours in anatomy and diagnosis; over 200 hours in physiology, pathology and X-ray; as well as clinical experience and competency boards for graduation. Her license includes certification for manipulation under anesthesia and physical therapy modalities.


Dr. Parsons: graduated from Muskingum College (Ohio), performed an internship at a hospital and became a medical laboratory director. She then returned to post graduate studies and graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic . Dr. Parsons graduated cum laude and received an award for her research study of postural stresses at a work-site. Dr. Parsons emphasizes not only pain relief but also improving posture to prevent injuries. She has also lectured in the United States and internationally on sensory neuropathy.  Dr. Parsons post graduate courses include: Extremity Adjusting Protocols-Charrette Methods, study with Dr. Choon Ho Sung of South Korea, kinesio taping and Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) . Maryland license renewal requires 48 hours of mandatory review of certified courses as well as medical provider CPR.


How much time is needed in the office?

Your first visit will be approximately an hour depending on the extent of your health history, condition and the examination required.  Treatment visits are approximately 30 minutes. Your treatment time is specifically reserved for you.  Cancellations require a 24 hour advanced notice to avoid appointment fee.


Cost of Treatments?

Insurance billing paperwork will be provided for you to self-submit. Insurance re-imbursement is dependent on your policy, co-pays and deductible. Dr. Parsons is a non-participating provider. Payment is due at the time of service. New patient examinations and treatments are approximately $100 - $175 and subsequent treatments are $45 -$65.


How is chiropractic treatment different than physical therapy?

Dr. Parsons' treatment is focused toward acute care for pain and long term support to keep the body's natural movement.  She uses physical therapy modalities and often recommends specific stretches and strengthening exercises. If your condition requires hands on supervision during the rehabilitative or strengthening phase, she will refer you to a physical therapist.  Often patients seek chiropractic treatment to promote the body's optimum movement before strengthening with a physical therapist. Doctor Parsons' education includes physical therapy as well as  extensive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions including mobilization of the spine and extremities not included in a physical therapist's training. A physical therapy program is a 2 year degree and chiropractic post graduate doctorate degrees are four years. Chiropractic is a hands on natural approach to not only improving movement but also promotes the function of the body's control system, the nervous system.