Post Lumbar Surgery

As a post-lumbar surgery patient, well into my senior years, I highly recommend Chiropractic treatment to anyone experiencing difficulty moving around and in pain. Thanks to regular treatments by Dr. Starr Parsons, I am able to remain on my feet and get about more freely. Without her sound advice and proper adjustments, I would be stuck at home in my recliner chair. DM, Nottingham, Md




"After two surgeries on my right foot and relying more on my left side when I walk, you can imagine that my body was out of alignment! I was also informed by my surgeon the only and final option to reduce pain was to remove or fuse the knuckles on my big toe permanently to my foot!"

"Realizing I was too young (37 yrs old) and too active to have a major knuckle locked into place, I decided to look into other avenues of healing. After meeting with Dr. Parsons and having treatments, my pain is subsiding and I’m not nursing my right foot when I walk! I think I’m a little taller too!!"

"Oh, did I mention that my career as a Professional Drummer of 28 years was also in jeopardy of ending due to this ailment and after working with Dr. Parsons I am back behind my drum kit pounding away! Take care and rock on." -JSchaffer

Active, Over 75 years old:

"Before my first visit to Dr. Parsons, the pain in my neck, shoulders and back prevented me from playing tennis, swimming or sleeping comfortably. Discomfort in my jaw interfered with eating. My orthopedist said my basic problem was arthritis and treated me accordingly. Dr. Parsons told me that arthritis indicated abnormal "wear and tear" and that this also created muscle trigger points. After her treatment, I experienced pain relief and could exercise again. She also adjusted my jaw and now it only gets the grinding pain occasionally and I go for a follow-up visit. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Parson's skill." -EWagner

Pain Researcher:

"I had never heard of chiropractic. It was not part of my medical curriculum. After reviewing medical charts of patients who had carpal tunnel (wrist) syndrome with neuropathy or neuritis, I noticed a group that test results improved without surgery. I found out that this group was being treated by chiropractors with specific stretches, muscle massage and mobilization of the upper extremity and neck. Now, I too have been treated by Dr. Parsons for sports injuries and know first hand the benefits of this 'manual medicine'." -JKatims, M.D.